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Welcome, ‘SEEKERS’.

We are still partly in lockdown, which means no meetings together for our bible study group ‘Seekers’.

Usually, we meet over a cup of coffee and a biscuit or two; open our bibles and start to study and discuss God’s Word. We can still do, but in a different way. First, that cup of coffee you will have to drink at home and perhaps alone, but we can chat together over the phone and discuss the good things that have been going on and how God has blessed us.

It is important for us to encourage each other and share how we have been doing. I am very fortunate because I have a garden – well, a shared garden so, I spend many happy hours in the garden. Actually, I think that I have got the garden just as I want it, go indoors, but low and behold the following day find a host of new weeds that have suddenly sprung up! Or, drooping flowers that need watering. Unfortunately the outside water tap is far away from my ‘patch’ of garden – I’m continually praying for rain!

Some haven’t a garden, but one lady has shown me some lovely sewing she has done on her machine. Another, loves to go out and about – taking care of course to distance herself in the correct space.

Living Water Fellowship has been having what you would call a ‘Church on the stairwell’. We live on the middle floor of a block of flats. Every Sunday morning we sing along with the guitar – Keith, plays the guitar and also gives a short sermon. We have a good time of prayer, especially for those in the flats who are not well, but also for our leaders that they would have wisdom to know how to proceed and guide us in this epidemic.

My blog will continue with the ‘garden’ theme and what we can learn together from God’s creation.



Hi Seekers!

One thing I do love is to wander into the garden in the morning with a cup of tea and see what new growth I can find. You perhaps do the same. I am glad that both my mother and grandmother loved to pot around in their gardens and I often joined them, but my fingers were not so green! However, it did give me a love for gardening.

Besides the gardening, I’m still struggling trying to work out how to set up this web site. Remember my blog is only a small part of our new website – Living Water Fellowship. However, I am the one who is trying to work everything out. If you are a new blogger like me perhaps you too are finding it difficult. I think the answer is step-by-step, or lets say, keep pressing on, don’t give up, or give in.

In the days ahead come with me as we explore God’s garden. Just like our natural gardens God’s spiritual garden has life, colour and growth.




Hi Seekers!

I think we are very gradually getting back to life, ‘after lockdown’. Now we have to stay ‘alert’ and follow the rules.

In these ‘blogs’, and I am just a beginner, so bear with me, I’m still trying to get the hang of what all the dozens of different commands mean. Do you remember when all we had to do was choose the font, copy and paste, words or a picture, wrap it up and add a few words? Now we go forward to the technology of the future! Mind you it has been like this for years, but I’ve been living in the past.

Well, having said my bit what comes next? First, as those of you know who live around Paradise Court, I’m spending lots of time gardening! also, I’m preparing our studies on the ‘Holy Spirit’. So, I would like to share with you some lessons I have learnt from my daily gardening that could give us some insight into what the bible teaches on the Holy Spirit. In our weekly lessons I will continue to send out the studies via ‘snail’ mail.

Blessing to you all! Julie

Who I am and why I’m here

My name is Julie Eley and I am co-leader with my husband Keith Eley of Living Water Fellowship, Hall Green, Birmingham. UK. We have a ministry of discipling and bible teaching. For bible and missionary training I attended the Bible College of Wales and have spent many years as a missionary in the India and the Far East. My husband has also received Church Ministry training.

On our new blog we will be seeking to share with friends in the Fellowship and others day to day news and encourage one another especially at this difficult time with the Coronavirus. We were meeting together for Bible studies and craft classes before the lockdown, so our aim is to continue with the studies by attaching on this blog.